Jane the Virgin

Ok, this sounds like the silliest possible idea that was transformed into a show but hear me out: Jane the Virgin has made a dent in the American soap opera industry.  Jane the Virgin is a television show that features a Hispanic young woman, freshly a college graduate (valedictorian), saving herself for marriage….but who is also accidently inseminated during a routine OB visit.  As horrific as this sounds, this show brings comedy with a telemundo twist as Jane’s story unfolds.  Success in reaching the most dramatic situations in the most practical ways, Jane the Virgin is addicting and I love it!

So if you were put in a situation like Jane’s, what would you do? Sue the hell out of the gyno, right? As bizarre as being in her shoes, don’t worry, she sues the doctor…who is her inseminate-ees sibling.  What a twist right?  Oh but there is so much more.  What if you were Jane’s mother, what would you do?  Encourage abortion or accept an A-student who is every bit of humble, is set back dramatically on her road to success?  If you are a male, what if you were Jane’s boyfriend, who by the way, just proposed?  Would you stay in the relationship because of a fluke on no fault of your own?  Would it cause problems in your relationship?  You see, you want to know the answers to these questions now, huh?

More importantly, Jane the Virgin has taken Hispanic telemundos and thrown it onto the CW channel with ‘Americanized’ pieces.  More Americans are watching comedy as a form of entertainment and the Hispanic community has picked up on that.  I am intrigued by this show, the culture it brings, the drama it creates and the ridiculous laughter that fills the room when the show is airing.  I couldn’t think of a better mix of situational experiences for young women to sit back and enjoy.  

Jane the Virgin asks serious questions about life and as Jane announces to keep her child, there are major steps to triumph.  Being a parent must be tough as is, but to find out the moment you graduate a university that your virtue is still intact but life growing inside your body?  Now that must take strength, courage and a lot of support.  The show is wholesome and avoids vulgarity and obscenity (with the exception of the case of drug lord Sin Rostro that is.)  Murder, romance, humor, what else could a girl ask for in a television show?  I may not be one for supernatural shows with vampires or werewolves but the young-pregnant-Latino-virgin-writer is what I’ll accept. Won’t you? 

Check out the trailer ————–>     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgDz0s7xw8A 


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