Midterms are No Fool

October is here…and so are midterms.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone NOT study for a final; any student that didn’t intend on graduating that is.  Though, midterms are different.  Sometimes the more important duties as a student are completing midterms because the assignments, papers, and group projects accounted for 60% of the grade, leaving the ‘BIG ONES’ being a game changer with 40% on the line.  It’s simply not fair, but isn’t that the overall lesson?  Life’s not fair, so keep on studying and the semester will end before you know it.

Face it; midterms are rough.  Senior life adds to the stress of exams.  There is so much weighing on us the closer we get to commencement.  One evil word to remember during both midterms and finals: comprehensive.  Comprehensive is where a student takes a semester’s worth of studies and crams it within a week’s time.  This information has to (not needs; has to) stick all the way up to the moment we take a desk and fill out the scantron.  Being a college senior is nothing as it’s stereotyped: no studying, skipping classes and more tailgating.  Seniors are put under more pressure, possibly because we are so eager to leave university life.  It’s important to try to turn that stress into motivation.

We’re so close to that degree and all the hard work is about to pay off.  We go through kindergarten and 12 years of schooling to prepare us for an additional four years of higher learning through a university(have you tried A-State?)  To be realistic, in today’s America it is taking about six years to achieve that four-year degree.  Whatever the circumstances, our learning environment takes us on a long journey only to help us begin what we like to call: life (which apparently doesn’t start until age 24.)  The hard work does pay off because not only do we get a brain filled with knowledge, but we end up doing what we love as a career.  Nice set up for life, don’t you think?

Some forms of stress relief I found (besides a glass of red wine, or two) for the struggling senior include a mixture of exercise and baths (which go hand-in-hand if you ask me.)  Taking a quick run helps writer’s block and helps clear the head.  More importantly, when the anxiety hits exercising like jogging forces the heart to pump harder, easing the butterflies away.  The other technique I encourage you to try is the bath.  Hopefully this isn’t a new concept but keep in mind, a long quiet bath is best.  Sometimes listening to music is soothing but during midterms week, take it down a notch (or two, or three.)  Silence provides clarity and instead of using bubbles to fill the tub, try a fragrant bath oil to soothe.  Whatever it takes to get through this week, the hard work will pay off…as long as you exercise and bath?


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