When Fall Attacks

Ah, the sun has shone through summer and winter is nearing.  The trees are turning rust-colored and the flowers are gone.  The squirrels are busy foraging nuts while the early birds get the worms.  Pollen is in the air as it dusts our vehicles in the yellowish-green powder appearance.  Ragweed, hay and pollen from the buttercups are stirring up hay fever around northeast Arkansas.  Whilst we continue to mow the lawn, trim the hedges and burn the last of the leaves, our allergies begin to storm.  If you’re like me, allergy attacks are in full force this fall.

I love when the weather is not too hot and just breezy enough to crack open the window above the kitchen sink.  The curtains wave with the wind and the smell of fresh air fills the house.  And then I begin to sneeze…and itch…and swell.  We experienced a long, dry summer and it looks like we’ll have a fall before winter (that’s a first down here!)  Mother nature just couldn’t wait to get back into the swing of things after her sun-baked summer.  So here we are, able to venture out and enjoy the mid-temps outside.  I think it’s grand that we are dedicating our time to improving the foliage.  We weed-eat our yards so trim and nice, while the city bush-hogs the ditches for clean, short greenery. So much beauty in the environment…but at what costs?

I will tell you that my day spent outdoors yesterday, was one of the worst possible days my allergetic-self could be outside.  I took one Loratadine pill, a drop of antihistamine in each eye with drops, and a spray in each nostril of the newly over the counter Flonase.  I made certain that even though I would be sweating, I put on yoga pants and a long-sleeve shirt so that my entire body was covered (it’s okay, I doubled up on the deodorant!)  So I may not wear my shades to improve my style, but in addition to blocking direct pollen into my pupils, I was stuntin’.  Last accessory is a mask that covers my nose and mouth…so maybe my look is a little less than pure awesomeness.  After it was all said and done, I am finding myself in arm’s reach of the tissues perfecting my wastebasket b-ball skills tonight.

So, what can I do?  It seems I took every possible necessary precaution to preventing an allergic reaction.  The truth is, if you have allergies, you will have an allergy attack at some point.  Using allergy medicine and covering your body both help block allergens.  But did you know through Pollen.com you can have an Allergy Alert sent straight to your smart phone via email?  The alert gives you an allergy index for that day in your local area.  So when the pollen count is high (like it was yesterday) pollen-allergic peeps like myself, can take a day to clean indoors, not out.  Good luck on now fighting against the dust bunnies everyone!